I began training in Tang Soo Do at the age of 37 and am now about to be promoted to second degree black belt. In that time, Mr. Haas has been one of the best instructors I've ever trained with. His experience and knowledge of martial arts is impressive in its own right but the key aspect of his instruction is his ability to teach. As black belts, part of our job is to instruct, but his experience as a school teacher, combined with decades of martial arts experience in several styles, makes him an excellent instructor who can teach adults and children equally well. If you're searching for the right martial arts school you want the kind of instructor who will take the time to get to know you or your child individually and is fully qualified and experienced enough to find the right instructional approach to meet your needs. As one of Mr. Haas' many students I'm proud to say that he is that instructor.

Nick Markellos

Have trained with Mr. Haas for several years. He has helped me through my journey to black belt and taught me a lot. Highly recommend this great instructor and this wonderful martial art.

John Marchese

Martial arts was never something I imagined myself being interested in, but when I went to Creekside Martial Arts, that changed. I was able to learn real life applications and not just a couple kicks, but real self defense. You get a great experience from a teacher who cares and wants to share his passion with you.

Bri Heffner

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